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Planing Planning encompasses all aspects of project and product management. This typically includes resource allocation, capacity planning, project scheduling, cost estimation, and provisioning.

Define Requirements Defining requirements is considered part of planning to determine what the application is supposed to do and its requirements.

Designing Designing models the way a software application will work.

Development Development begins, and the programming is built.

Testing The code is tested to make sure it is free of bugs, adheres to the client requirements and correctly interfaces with other software products together with the underlying hardware.

Deployment The solution is officially released into the production environment.

Maintenance Once when the client starts using the developed systems, then the real issues come up and requirements to be solved from time to time.

AOKSOFT Solutions aims to provide excellent software products and services to all of its clients. With this mission, Cerquit uses technologies that never fall short of capabilities to meet the demands of the I.T. industry standards as well as to deliver every client’s business requirements. Combined with these technologies are the brilliant minds of the Cerquit development team that works together efficiently, assuring every software development process adheres to the applicable best practices, therefore producing world-class business solutions.

AOKSOFT Solutions develop software applications using number of solution technologies, which ensure that products are efficient, portable, platform independent, and easily maintainable.


Java | Java EE | Java ME | XML | JSON | PHP | JQuery | Javascript | HTML | DHTML | SQL | Android

Practices & Patterns

SCRUM | Extreme Programming (XP) | Model View Presenter (MVP) | Model View controller (MVC) | Test Driven Development (TDD)


Mobile | Web | Desktop | Web Service | Windows Service MS Sharepoint (MOSS) | Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)


Microsoft SQL Server | MS Access | MySql | Oracle | Amazon Simple DB

Web Servers

Apache | Tomcat | JBoss | Jetty | WAMP

Frameworks & Libraries

Spring | Struts | Jquery Prototype | Yahoo UI | GWT | Hibernate | Joomla | Apache Tiles | Amazon SQS | Amazon Web Services

Our product making process


Product development services

In today's ever changing business world it is very important to have efficient process of creating business solutions and delivering business objectives on time. AOKSOFT Solutions provides application development and integration, accompanied with software maintenance and support created at reasonable cost.

Services In Detail

Information system engineering and development
Business process modelling and analysis
Database design and optimization
Web development
Mobile Web & application development
Windows applications development
Software reengineering
Web Sites/Graphics Design

QA for existing software solutions
Full time software support for developed solutions
Audit and IT consulting
Remote administration
Search Engine Optimization
Scientific Research
Systems Integrations

Why should you work with us

  • 1.
    Our Mojo
    We use passion, creativity and street smarts to woo ‘em, wow ‘em and win ’em. In plain English, that means we provide end-to-end web, advertising, design, online-offline marketing communication services to help you reach customers, engage, inspire and SELL.

    AOKSOFT Solutions has 1goal: to help you engage with customers and grow your business. We understand what it takes to market your business effectively, both online and offline.

    We think bad design is lazy. We think bad writing is wrong. We think promotion without results is daft. We think a lot of things. But it’s what your customers think that matters. And we KNOW how to get them engaged and thinking good thoughts about you.
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    Our Team
    AOKSOFT Solutions is an integrated team of highly accredited and skilled online-offline marketing, design, advertising and web-IT specialists all under 1roof (hence our name).

    Naturally, we offer creative and technical expertise. You expect that from your agency. AOKSOFT Solutions brings together top-notch talent in visual communication / design, advertising, copywriting, online marketing e.g. seo, social media marketing, web development, web base applications, and systems architecture.

    In addition to years of client work, we have been formally educated in the disciplines of communication, advertising, public relations, branding, multimedia arts, graphic design, telecommunications and network systems.

    But AOKSOFT Solutions gives you so much more. We provide a higher level of business acumen than the average (or even above average) marketing, advertising, web firm. Members of our team have years of industry specific knowledge, have built not-for-profit organisations, lectured on business management and hold multiple Master Degrees.

    From outreach business strategy to multi-dimensional online-offline marketing / advertising campaigns, web development/UI design and open source web base applications - We are your 1source full service agency which provides exceptional and affordable solutions for your business.

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    How We Work
    In an application development environment, true business value comes from managing development teams and processes efficiently, increasing productivity to meet project deadlines, and delivering high-quality software. Depending on different customer requirements and business goals our team constant improving and we can utilize variety of different development methodologies and processes to build efficient development and fit customer requirements. These includes:

    Agile software development

    Rapid application development

    Extreme Programming

    Test-Driven Development

    Scrum process
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    Your Business
    We can help you grow. Simple as that!

“We make every attempt to completely understand the exact needs of our customers. This ensures that our customers ultimately get what they are looking for.”

Align to Customers Needs

“ With experienced Arhitects, Designers and Consultants we deliver a solution that seamlessly integrated to your application framework.”

Delivering Integrated Solutions

“We always strive to achieve the right balance in providing Qualitu Deliverables in time and budget to our customers.”

Striking Balance - all the time

“With the help of our multi skilled team we handle our customers needs from concept to completion all under one roof.”

Equiped with Multi faced skills

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